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  Wishing you a great holiday in Bodrum Turkey in 2015
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Konacik Bodrum Turkey

Konacik.. residential and commercial

Konacik is located on the main road between Bodrum -Turgutreis, 5 km from Bodrum
center. In antiquity, there was an ancient city on the hills of Konacik, called Pedasa.
It was one of the 6 Lelegian cities found in the Bodrum peninsula.

According to Herodotus, father of history, Pedasa was an important trade center and
famous for it's wine. Even today some vineyards can be seen in the region. There are
some tombs found in the area which were excavated by Italian archaeologists in the

Todays Konacik is a commercial and residential area. There are couple of shopping
centers. Konacik is only 6 minutes away from Bodrum center by minibus (dolmus)

Click for the map of Bodrum peninsula to see Konacik.

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