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  Wishing you a great holiday in Bodrum Turkey in 2015
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  Turkish Survival Phrases for Bodrum Turkey

Here is a chance to pick up a little Turkish!

Don't forget to watch our video below for a quick learning!

Turkish language is Ural-Altay origin, the closest European Languages are Finnish and Hungarian. Learning a few words can make your trip to Bodrum even more fun and enjoyable. Read through today and come back tomorrow, you will be amazed how many phrases you can remember.

Merhaba (Mer-ha-ba) - Hello

Evet (Eh-vet) - Yes

Hayir (H-eye-uhr) - No

Lütfen (Lewt-fen) - Please

Tamam (Ta-mam) - OK

Bira lütfen, (Bee-ra Lewt-fen) - Beer please

Su (Soo) - Water

Çok ucuz (Chok oo-juz) - Very cheap

Çok pahali (Chok pa-ha-luh) - Very expensive

Tesekkür ederim (Teh-shek-kewr-eh-deh-reem) - Thank you !

Anlamiyorum (An-la-muh-yo-room) - I don't understand

Bu kaç Lira ? (Boo-kach-lee-ra) - How much is it ?

1 - bir
2 - iki
3 - uc
4 - dort
5 - bes
6 - alti
7 - yedi
8 - sekiz
9 - dokuz
10 - on
100 - yuz
1.000 - bin
1.000.000 - bir milyon

Good luck !

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